Finland unveils pre-Midem mini-site

Originally posted Dec 7, 2005. This year’s host for the opening party at Midem is Finland. If you’re a little fuzzy on your musical geography, think Värttinä (yes, I checked the spelling), The Rasmus and Nightwish. According to the mini-site they have just unveiled, Finland will be represented by 50 companies in 2006 – the double of previous years. This includes local reps from EMI, Sony and Warner (who do not always advertise their presence in the Palais).

According to the latest figures, released on the October 21, the total market value of Finnish music exports is 21,7 million euros and it has grown an average of 26 % annually 1999-2004. Full report in English available at

The choice of live music on the opening night looks very wide, with The Five Corners Quintet
playing competent “post-modern” jazz (which is actually what we used to call mainstream post-bop, or something), crossover rumba/ska/rap Don Johnson Big Band, accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen, punk/glam rock 69 Eyes and others. Wot, no Rasmus?

Inevitably, Nokia are in there doing their usual hi-tech thing. You’ll also get a chance to catch a genuine curiosity: Laitila beer.

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