Nizlopi, Raul Paz and Talvin Singh announced for Midem's 40th celebrations

Originally posted Dec 29, 2005. As 2006 is the 40th anniversary of Midem, there will inevitably be celebrations in addition to the regular concert programme. As well as the enigmatically-titled Mozart Cloud and a special concert in the Palais, Midem has booked a number of “pop” acts. These include Spain’s new singer-songwriter Bebe, Cuba’s salsa redefining Raul Paz, Talvin Singh and the UK’s Nizlopi.

Bebe and Nizlopi are the wild cards, being totally unknown outside their own countries. Nizlopi caused excitement by almost-nearly having the Christmas n° 1 in the UK with a self-released single that first took off on the web: “The JCB Song”. Will they win over the international business? They have reportedly good experience playing live, so hopefully there is more to them than the novelty aspect. Bebe is coming to town with a long-awaited debut album “Malo” that promises “attitude, lots of attitude”.

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