Man wins Lion, drinks, loses Lion on beach

I’m trying not to laugh, because this is serious (snigger). Following on the previous post about bad behaviour in Cannes comes this heartfelt cry: “Imagine yourself waking up the morning after you buried your employer’s Cannes Lion on some beach in Cannes. Sounds like a lot of fun until you realize you don’t remember where it was.”

Let me see… No, I can’t imagine myself doing anything as stupid as that. But it seems that’s what Tom Eriksen of Farfar in Sweden did. He got tired of carrying it around at the parties and buried the thing in the sand. But he never found it again. You can even check the video of him digging right here.[EDIT: the link has been removed – boo!]

Tom’s a sport though. He’s offering $1000 to anyone that finds the thing. No questions asked. It’s embarassing enough as it is.


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