Hotels for Cannes Lions 2009 selling out

The Cannes Lions has to be one of the most expensive events in Cannes, with the entrance fee of $3500 being the biggest chunk. After also spending to enter some work in one of the categories, it might be an idea to go easy on the hotels. We have good and bad news. First the good news: there are still reasonable deals to be had. The bad news is that it would be best to book your hotel now.

Our advice for people feeling the pinch is obviously to leave the major hotels on the Croisette to people that are not paying their own way. What does that leave you with? Well, the very best deals are to be had in Cannes La Bocca and Golfe Juan/Juan-les-Pins. Both are easy to reach by bus (20 minutes) or train (about 7 minutes!) and have a range of 1-4 star hotels at much better rates.

We recently stayed at Les Strelitzias, a 3-star with large rooms for under €90 for two per night. Admittedly, this was a super-duper budget deal (current rate at just over €100 is still a good deal). Another option is to share with three to four people in the many “résidences”, or self-catering apartments. Most are not exactly luxury. But you’ll be spending all your time in town anyway, so who cares? We’ve stayed at Villa Francia and Cannes Beach (both in La Bocca) and have heard good things about France Résidence (Juan-les-Pins). Check this link for good hotel deals for Cannes Lions.

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One comment to “Hotels for Cannes Lions 2009 selling out”
One comment to “Hotels for Cannes Lions 2009 selling out”

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