Last-minute offer: serviced city apartments during Mipcom

Azur Online are making a special offer for serviced apartments during Mipcom. They have 13 properties that enable companies to bring several people to town and function with everything they need. The properties range from studios to 5-bathroom villas, some with sea views and others in the hills (which come to think of it could have sea views as well). These special offers tend to go fast, so if you have been hesitating check the offer here.

If you just need a room for one or two people, check hotels for Mipcom 2009. Most of the inner-city hotels are pretty full, but there are great deals to be had in Cannes La Bocca, Juan-les-Pins and Antibes. Follow us on Twitter or via RSS for updates about deals for MIPCOM and MIDEM in January.

2 comments to “Last-minute offer: serviced city apartments during Mipcom”
2 comments to “Last-minute offer: serviced city apartments during Mipcom”
  1. Finding a suitable accommodation provider who is regietered and hold all the correct insuarnces to offer Companies such a service a hard to come buy. There are far to many Companies not registered to offer such a service of Apartments Rentals.

    You all know who you are… good luck to you…

    For accommodation offers for Mipcom 2010 contact we have just taken over the new residency on the Old port with 40 apartments 5 star great prices and services…

    Enjoy Mipcom

  2. In 2009 I used Cannes Rental Apartments to find my company accommodation for the MIPCOM festival. Not only did they find the right property in the ideal area, they provided an excellent service throughout our stay and their knowledge of Cannes was second to none. Check them out at

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