Last minute accommodation for Midem 2010

With only 9 days to go, there are still opportunities for staying in Cannes for Midem. A quick scan of the available properties turned up a few 2-star budget hotels at under €100 a night. But these are, um, colourful is probably the most polite description – not exactly honeymoon locations. If you stay in Juan-les-Pins or La Bocca, there are rooms in the flat-hotels (or résidhotel as they are sometimes called). Check that you can check-in outside office hours if you arrive late or leave early, as part of the reason they are cheap is that they don’t offer round-the-clock front desk services.You’ll find some in the search engine at right.

The other option – particularly for those not travelling alone – is to book a studio or apartment in town. There is a full range, from ones with several bedrooms to smaller ones with beds and/or fold-out beds. Many have wi-fi connections. They start at under €900 and head upwards (there is no limit in a town like Cannes but the good news is that there is an absolutely huge range which means you can always find something). Check for the latest Midem deals here. A tip: check the maps to ensure you are within walking distance of the Palais. If you use a car, there is an underground car park under the Palais that you enter from the Pantiero direction.

5 comments to “Last minute accommodation for Midem 2010”
5 comments to “Last minute accommodation for Midem 2010”
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  3. I beleive Midem is a bad Congress to work on now, overall we have 3 large Companies, and even these are looking for high discounts, The small Companies just cant afford nothing…..
    I hope something can happen to the Industry to get things going,

    discounted apartments we have…

  4. Recorded music lost 50% revenue in 10 years, and last year’s credit crunch made things worse this year. When I visited Cannes first it was with a team of 5, then 7 and it shrank every year after that. There have been lots of redundancies over the past years. It can’t shrink any more! I’m more worried about the movie biz, which has not adapted to the times and is ripe for a fall. What are figures like for the Festival?

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