Cheap ways to stay in Cannes for the festival

Save money when staying in Cannes

Cannes is synonymous with luxury and excess. But needless to say, it’s not all like that. For very many people, the time and money spent in Cannes has to be carefully weighed up against possible returns in a difficult market.

If that is you, cheer up! You can stay in Cannes for very reasonable rates if you follow the Cannes or Bust selection.

The bad news is that staying inside Cannes for this year’s festival is almost impossible without staying in the more expensive hotels. If this is your first time and you intend for there to be a second, remember to book by December. In many cases, you won’t be charged beforehand! It’s possible that hotels will be freed up later when people start cancelling (some people book generously for groups and then free them up at the last minute). So don’t despair.

If you’re looking for cheap accommodation, you will most likely end up in Juan-les-Pins,  Golfe Juan, Le Cannet or Cannes La Bocca. They are only 5 minutes by train (one every 20 minutes on average, last one around midnight). Add to that a few minutes to reach the station.

Examples in Juan-les-Pins:

Example in Le Cannet:

You get the picture: Cannes can be cheap when sharing! Prices are indicative, and subject to change. These hotels were available for the Cannes Festival at the time of going live. You can also save money by not taking a taxi from the airport (shuttle bus €17, train €5.20 instead of taxi €90).

Cheap camping sites near Cannes

I’ve never stayed in a camp site, but I know some people that did. They shared a chalet and were laughing at the price. However, they had access to a car.

  • Bungalow Camping in Mandelieu has chalets from €360 a week.
  • Parc Bellevue is closer to Cannes, has weekend chalet deals for €100 and camping spots €9-13. The issue is always access. There are buses from Cannes La Bocca.
  • Le Ranch is in Cannes Le Cannet, just above the town.
  • Le Pylone, Juan-les-Pins, has mobile-homes and old-style caravans from €400 a night. It’s located close to the Biot railway station.

It’s advisable to double-check public transport. My gut feeling is still a cheap hotel in Juan-les-Pins!

If you’re still searching closer to the date, let me know. One last thing, Cannes or Bust has preferential rates for apartments in Cannes (10%). At this stage, they are €1600 upwards for the week. For that price, you’re right in the centre of town and it’s handy to be able to nip back for a shower or whatever. For details, join the newsletter



Note, these include affiliate links. You might be able to get a better rate by finding the hotels directly (not through another booking engine). I’ve given up on this and go with every time. It’s fast and secure. For more general tips about staying in Cannes, see Where to Stay in Cannes.

4 comments to “Cheap ways to stay in Cannes for the festival”
4 comments to “Cheap ways to stay in Cannes for the festival”
  1. Amongst very last opportunities for Cannes 2011. Suite Affaires Cannes Vieux Port offers apartments by the old part. Great location and a special price at about €400 a night for three people.

  2. I just saw that the Strelitzia in Juan-les-Pins has rooms for 2013. I stayed there once for 3 nights. Good hotel, with a handy bus stop for Cannes practically outside the hotel.

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