Special hotels deals for the last weekend of August

The weather forecast for the next 10 days is 17-29°. So you still have a chance to catch some last-minute sun in Cannes in August 2011. To top it all, some hotels are offering special rates.

  • The Neotelia Pavilion Bel Air is located just above the railway station, about 15 minutes from the Croisette by foot. What’s interesting is the size of the accommodation. They have special rates from €256 for 2 nights, down from €320.
  • The Hotel Beau Séjour is close to the old town and beach. The 3-star accommodation is complemented by a garden and pool. Special ate: €250, down from €360.
  • The Hotel Martinez is a grand Art Deco hotel on the Croisette with its own private jetty. This is one of the absolute top hotels in Cannes. Their sea-view prestige room is available from €1424, down from €1962.

For a longer stay, check the Fauvettes studio. 10 minutes from the beach, 15 from the Palais.


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