6 comments to “Pan-African Film Festival premieres Bob Marley documentary”
6 comments to “Pan-African Film Festival premieres Bob Marley documentary”
  1. Hear, hear. I remember seeing one of his many sons playing at a Stella Artois beach party in Cannes a good few years back.


  2. Im a music producer. Ive been producing hip hop beats for about 7 years.Recently Ive been considering learning an instrument to perfect my music production (transitions etc., Making my beats feel more live performance like) I was thinking of taking guitar or piano lessons. The only thing is, I kind of find it hard to practice the piano since it is kind of tedious to hook it up every night, and for the guitar Im not sure if it could help with my musc production at all (helping me to understand transitions and putting chrod progression into my beats) What do u all think? Do you have any experience with Guitar and idgital production? Im kind of going for a rock/hip hop sound anyway.

  3. George, who said learning piano is easy? Stretch your talent by all means, but don’t expect instant results.


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