Plages Electroniques to kick off Cannes festival season

July 5, 12, and 19 followed by August 2 and 16 2012 Cannes will get an invigorating blast of electronic music during the Plages Electroniques. This is the 7th edition, although the festival remains true to its core principles: festive DJs in a dream setting (on the beach beside the Palais) at an affordable price.

Mix of DJ styles in Cannes

The Plages Electroniques offer a wide range of style, ranging from Electro, Electro-Hip Hop, Bass Music, Techno and Deep House. The big names include C2C, Seth Troxler, Maceo Plex, Breakbot, Doctor P, living legends such as Berlin’s Ellen Allien, Busy P, Muggs, Zinc, Dave Clarke (check video) and upcoming talents such as MC2, Surkin, Julian Jewel and Zhao!

For details, visit Les Plages Electroniques.

Photo of Sw4p Ctrl by Jean Sébastien Zanchi on Flickr

2 comments to “Plages Electroniques to kick off Cannes festival season”
2 comments to “Plages Electroniques to kick off Cannes festival season”
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