Finding hotels for the Cannes festival 2013

With the countdown running for the Cannes Film festival, I thought I’d spin around a few hotels that still have availabilities. The best places to stay are obviously close to the Palais, but you will be lucky if you find anything at this date – unless you have some serious cash to spend. UPDATE: the prices of these properties has obviously changed since 2013, but my comments on the location of the hotels are still valid.

Good value deals in for Cannes 2013

For the exercise, I counted the full festival period of May 15 to 26. However, very many people only come for the first weekend of the festival, which means that there are doubtless other deals to be had towards the second half of the festival.

The latest trend is a move towards self-catering apartments. Amongst these, the clean, modern Résidence Bouttau stands out, as it is located in the Suquet area, about 10-15 minutes from the Palais. Prices from …..

Hotel Montaigne CannesHotel Montaigne & Spa (photo) is a new addition, which I haven’t stayed at personally. The rooms are hyper modern, with a haman and indoor swimming pool for those that find the time. The location is close to the Cavendish and about 15 minutes from the Palais downhill. Current prices from ...

For full hotel services, the Radisson Blu 1835 is a comfortable choice. It has great views across the bay of Cannes and (not many people know this) two buses run in front of it. Expect top-end amenities, and take some time on the rooftop bar. Prices from .

For half the price (and half the comfort), the Hotel Amiraute still has rooms in the very heart of Cannes. The rooms are on the small size, but livable. Note this is within walking distance, ie, opposite the railway station. If you’re a light sleeper but want to benefit from the good prices, I recommend earplugs. Rates for 11 nights, from .

Going for cheaper hotels

If the prices are out of your range, fear not. You can find lots of great value hotels in Juan-les-Pins at 10 minutes by train. La Villa Cap d’Antibes (formerly the Villa de l’ Ambassadeur) is one of the most recommended 4-star hotels there. The words “quiet” and boutique” spring to mind. Best price for the 11 days:.

Closer to the station and far cheaper, try the Marjolaine. This is a two-star hotel, but well run. Rates from €990 (but going fast).

The Eden Hotel is another great 2-star hotel, noted for its service. The building is 30s-style, with plain comfortable rooms. Note that there is no lift.

As I said these prices are for the 11 nights. Enter your exact dates when checking the prices. Also, the prices are for double rooms. So you could be able to share the price. For more general tips check Where to Stay in Cannes.

This article contains affiliate links to hotels chosen for the quality and value.

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One comment to “Finding hotels for the Cannes festival 2013”

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