Hotels at MIDEM 2014

Hotel Martinez

Hotel Martinez pool in Cannes

If you’re coming to Cannes for MIDEM in January, here’s a piece of news that might interest you. Some 55% of hotel rooms are booked already. So every week you let go by means there is less choice. What difference does that make? Well you might either spend more money staying where you want to stay or pay less and stay outside Cannes.

I took a quick look at what hotels are available, preferring hotels close to the Palais and catering for a range of budgets. Amongst those that I saw are:

  • the Martinez. This was once the very heart of MIDEM networking. The Art Deco hotel is on the grand side and houses lots of major and tech execs. It’s about a 15-minute walk to the Palais, along the Croisette. Rooms from €870.
  • The Grand Hotel is a lovely modern hotel with a magnificent lawn. Not many people know that they also have apartments and studios for the rent. Probably one of the best addresses in town, with great sea views and an easy 10-minute walk along the Croisette to the Palais. Studios from €990.
  • Hotel Schtak (photo in right-hand column) is a new kid on the block on the Rue d’Antibes. Very close to the Palais and decorated in a funky modern Scandinavian style, the Schtak is a 2-star in the heart of a busy neighbourhood. I bring earplugs in these situations; it’s always better than being bothered at night. I haven’t stayed there yet, but it’s on the list. Rooms from €480.

Some of the best hotel deals during MIDEM 2014

  • Neotelia Pavilion Bel Air, which is about 30 minutes by foot. The advantage here is that some of the apartments (it’s not a hotel) are big by Cannes standards. Just bring good walking shoes. Good if you’re travelling as a group. Studios and apartments from €300.
  • Hotel La Villa Cannes Croisette, down the end of the Croisette, is another good value option. There are cheap buses during the day. Rooms at the back are close to the railway track (bring earplugs). Rooms from €357.
  • Cannes Beach, at Cannes La Bocca, is one of the best-value options. The apartment hotels are very cheap, although they can sometimes be rough around the edges. If you’re travelling by group, prices here are unbeatable. Regular buses run practically outside the door (20 minutes to Cannes at rush hour; 7 at night). The nearby railway station goes straight to Cannes and also Nice-St. Augustin, the station nearest the airport. Studios from €150.

All prices are liable to change. These links contain affiliate links chosen for their value. I receive a small commission on stays that help keep Cannes or Bust in operation. In case you’re wondering, I use the same links when booking my own stays in Cannes.

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