Last minute hotels for Cannes 2014

Hotel Mademoiselle

Everyone’s definition of last-minute might differ, but we are getting real close to the Cannes Film festival 2014. The opening date is May 14, although a great many people book in mostly for the first long weekend of 16-19. Obviously, the good hotel deals in the centre of town were taken a long time ago. But there are still interesting hotel deals just outside of town in Juan-les-Pins and Cannes La Bocca. As a reminder, these are just 10 minutes from the centre by train (a bit longer by bus due to festival traffic).

Hotels in Juan-les-Pins

I like Juan-les-Pins a lot, as it still has a sort of village atmosphere. The hotels here are far cheaper than in Cannes itself. Wherever possible, try and find somewhere close to the railway station.  Juan can get busy at night. If you sleep lightly, ask for a room away from the street when booking in or (like me) bring earplugs. As in Cannes, parking can be difficult.

  • The Best Western Astoria is a dependable short-term hotel, part of the hotel chain. It’s popular with business travellers as a good compromise for value. Prices from about €149 per night.
  • The Hotel Teranga is a 2-star with a good reputation. Located near the station, the rooms are about 16 m² with airco. Prices about €140 per night.
  • The France Résidence is not a hotel, strictly speaking, but it’s close and it’s cheap. The small apartments offer great views and the possibility of cooking for yourself or -selves. However, there is not much in the line of service and you have to look out for the surcharges for cleaning and checking-out outside office hours. Prices from just over €100 per night.
  • The Hotel Mademoiselle (bedroom photo) is a slightly quirky boutique hotel with very good reviews. Located on a pedestrian street (2nd floor – no lift), it has a slightly girly theme and good service. Currently there are 2 rooms available depending on your dates at about €175 per night.

A good tip for staying Juan-les-Pins. If you feel the breakfast rates are too expensive, there are plenty of small cafés with breakfasts from about €6.

Hotels in Cannes La Bocca

Cannes La Bocca doesn’t have much going for it, apart from a fresh food market. But again hotels are cheap and if you are feeling sporty, the walk into Cannes along the beach can be invigorating (count over 25 minutes). Buses with night service (on weekends) and a train station make it easy to reach. Unfortunately, pretty much all the hotels are sold out by now.

  • L’ancienne laiterie (former dairy) is a newish apartment service, which makes it affordable if you are sharing but don’t expect hotel services. The setting is nice, and prices range from €250 per night. But check if there are extras for cleaning the apartment, etc.
  • Avangani Resort (top photo) offers studios and apartments suitable for families on holidays. Guests enjoy tennis and an outdoor poll (plus the Mediterranean is only about 50 metres away). Prices from €354 per night.

Do you have direct experience of these locations? Drop a note below to recommend or warn other people.

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