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6 comments to “Contact”
6 comments to “Contact”
  1. Hi AES CANNES have secured the new Panoramic Roof Top Venue for Mipim 2010. An amazing Cocktail Venue on the Croisette, 2 Minutes from the Palais, and Catering and Bar facilities already in place. Prices are real value for money, as the Beach Resturants are always done, and are to expensive.
    check ou the link.
    Other Apartments and services available to suit the current Market.

  2. Hi.

    Thanks for the compliment! I try to make it useful for visitors.

    A director is not a bad idea, but would require a lot of work on my part. I’ll “park” the idea and think about it later. 😉


  3. Hi Michael,

    Best wishes of success again for 2018 for your magazine !
    Well informed as usually and a great help for congress people.

    If they need more “local & business assistance” they can always contact me I am working on FEES with a National Group of Consultants & services.

    As you know I am 5 generations from Cannes and have my local office on permanent bases.

    Keep going !
    Best regards,
    Marie-Th̩r̬se and Paulus Potters composer Рsongwriter & international jazz pianist.

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