200 classic yachts to descend on Cannes

There are already a good number of sailing events in Cannes, but the upcoming Cannes Régates Royales in September will probably cap them all. It will feature 100 year-old yachts – some up to 50 meters long – in a spectacular regatta. The bay at Cannes is almost perfect for this, as it is wide and features a number of islands. It is, however, noted for its unpredictable wind changes.

The Régates Royales – Panerai Trophy – will be held from September 24th until October 1st. For more information, a spectator’s guide and some tasty photos of the yachts, visit Régates Royales.

2 comments to “200 classic yachts to descend on Cannes”
2 comments to “200 classic yachts to descend on Cannes”
  1. Awesome article and dazzling photographs! It is frequently disregarded for some of its more well known neighbors, however that is maybe something worth being thankful for as it would somehow or another be strangely swarmed like places, for example, St Tropez and Cannes in the late spring!

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