MIPCOM Mobile TV Awards

Although it’s not the only thing to happen at MIPCOM, the Mobile TV Awards generated a lot of buzz. It’s certainly true that the media landscape is undergoing massive changes, with TV shows now available as paid downloads. This opens the door in terms of new distribution possibilities and the so-called “long tail” of revenue after initial broadcasting.

The mobile sector is also growing significantly. No one is entirely what it will grow into, of course, but there’s a general feeling that more can be done than offering re-runs of material from other media. But as one participant pointed out, although the telcos are very excited about offering exciting new content to their subscribers, few are willing to invest in actual production.

Anyway, here is the drum-roll for this year’s awards:

. Best Original Made- for- Mobile Film or Video Content
“Jokes”, Green Paddy Animation Studio (Taiwan)
. Best Repurposed Content From Existing Film or TV Property
“On This Day in History (OTDIH)”, ITN ON (UK)
. Best Made- for-Mobile TV Channel
NHK Mobile-G Channel, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) (Japan)
. Best Format for Interactive Mobile TV
“Forget the Rules”, Global Dilemma Pty Ltd. (Australia)
. Best Mobile Format for User-Generated Content
3 Mobile’s See Me TV service, 3 Mobile (UK)
. The Orange Grand Prize For Innovation
“Soccer Addicts”, Buongiorno (Italy).

To check the Best Format for Interactive, visit Australia’s Forget the Rules. In their own words, “Why just watch when you can control what happens”.

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