Cannes Lions: Converging branding and direct marketing

Award-winning Richard Rosen will discuss his method of converging branding and direct marketing at the 54th International Advertising Festival in Cannes from June 17. “The essential link between marketing and branding is uppermost in everyone’s minds now,” said Alastair Tempest, director general of the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing (FEDMA). “This seminar will be the keynote within the direct marketing segment.”

Rosen’s presentation is titled, “Everyone is talking about the need to bring brand and direct together, but no one is offering the ‘how’, until now”. “We’re all in the same boat, trying to drive acquisition and build customer loyalty faster with fewer resources,” Rosen explained. “Europe has had tremendous success with direct marketing and many are actively trying to integrate brand and direct. I’m having a great time helping them finesse the process and improve their financial results.”

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