“Singing waitress” lands record deal

The British press is covering the story of Victoria Hart, an 18 year-old waitress who was chosen to sing at a George Clooney event at Cannes this year. Until recently, she was working at a London club that employs singing waitresses, but is now apparently looking at a number of record contracts. Hello magazine claims one of the deals is worth £1.5 million – which is surely pure speculation. Hart has a warm, playful voice and specialises in 40’s style big band tunes. She will be appearing at the Glastonbury festival on June 24. Her debut album is being released in the UK and Japan.

To catch some of her music, visit Victoria Hart.

One comment to ““Singing waitress” lands record deal”
One comment to ““Singing waitress” lands record deal”
  1. It turns out that we were right to be a little sceptical about the story. A recent article in The Telegraph in November 2009 found Hart performing as a stripper in the UK. The £1.5 million was clearly a doctored figure.

    FTA: “Hart’s manager, Geoff Gurd, said: ‘You never know, this could be a good career move.'” Yuk.

    Remember what they say, “When it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. In showbiz, this is the same – but more so.

    Having said that, I still think she has a nice voice. Check “The Lost Gershwin” on her website (above).


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