Tony Visconti and Laurence Bell to keynote talent event at Midem

Midem has decided to showcase even more new talent this year through the Talent Only event. Laurence Bell, head of Domino Records, which signed hit bands such as Franz Ferdinand and the Arctic Monkeys, and Tony Visconti, famed producer of acts including David Bowie, T-Rex and Les Rita Mitsuoko, will be the headline attractions at MIDEM Talent Only during a keynote event on 29 January.

“Thanks to an unrivalled eye for talent spotting, Laurence Bell has succeeded in creating one of the best and most respected independent labels,” said Dominique Leguern, Director of MIDEM. “Tony Visconti has become a legend since producing some of the most emblematic albums of the glam-rock period including those of David Bowie and Marc Bolan. Tony Visconti and Laurence Bell, together for a keynote as part of the MIDEM Talent Only, will be a highpoint for all industry executives concerned with the discovery and development of talent.”

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