MIDEM announces dates, offers MidemNet for free

Participating countries

MIDEM, the leading international music market, today announced the dates for the 44th edition with a major announcement. Recognising the degree to which digital is now an integral part of the music business at every level, it is offering access to the renowned MidemNet conferences to all participants.

This is a major innovation, as access to MidemNet required a separate entrance fee. It has been sold out for a number of years each time, with labels and telcos congregating to discover ways of monetising digital and networking. Speakers have included Nokia, YouTube, Google and many others.

Other innovations at MIDEM include a MidemNet Lab in the heart of the tradefloor that will showcase 15 of the most innovative companies in the digital sphere.

MIDEM and MidemNet will be held between January 23 and 27, 2010. Don’t miss the early bird rate. Follow us on Twitter to be kept up to date.

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