Najibullah Salamzy wins WSOB in Cannes

Najibullah Salamzy won against TEAM WSOB player Falafel Natanzon in the World Series of Backgammon at the Palm Beach in Cannes on July 26. Natanzon had previously won all 10 of his earlier matches, yet – according to commentator Will Cockerell – failed in an attempt to impress the cool-as-ice Salamzy (one of the most successful money players). Salamzy picked up €18,000; Falafel €11,000. Jurgen Orlowski and Steen Groenbeck €7,000 each. Quarter finalists, €3,000. For more about this, visit the WSOB website. The video above was recorded before the final.

2 comments to “Najibullah Salamzy wins WSOB in Cannes”
2 comments to “Najibullah Salamzy wins WSOB in Cannes”

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