Cannes Independent Film Festival open for submissions

The Cannes Independent Film Festival (which is not officially affiliated with the Cannes festival itself) presents selections during the Marché du Film, the international film marketplace where films are bought and sold in Cannes. Several films from CIFF 2009 were sold in the Marché du Film and went on to international release, including I AM FROM TITOV VELES and COWBOYS AND ANGELS.

Selected filmmakers are presented with an opportunity to screen at the Palais des Festivals, sell in the Marché du Film, attend CIFF marketing and sales courses, have their film listed in CIFF’s Official Market Guide, network with attending industry executives, and attend launch and promotion parties at the CIFF villa. The Festival offers awards in eleven categories with sponsored prizes totaling over $100,000 in value. CIFF also offers a number of travel and accommodation allowances to participating filmmakers, covering airfare, accreditation, and lodging in the villa.

Submissions are open. For details, visit CIFF.[ad]

One comment to “Cannes Independent Film Festival open for submissions”
One comment to “Cannes Independent Film Festival open for submissions”
  1. I have seen a lot of discussion about this festival over the past few weeks, with people wondering if its bona-fide. The fact that it happens during the Cannes fest but is not part of the Cannes fest sets off alarm bells. But don’t forget that there are other “sidebar” events that started the same way.

    If you have any good or bad experiences, drop a line and get a debate going. I know one short film that was turned down, but that is not an issue in itself.


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