Last minute: badges for attending Cannes screenings

We often get asked about how to attend screenings at the Cannes festival. The short answer is yes, there is a way. And it’s called Cannes Cinephile, a programme that enables locals and visitors to possibly catch a screening or two. The locals are given special treatment. If they sign up for a badge by March 5 2010, they are entitled to catch movies at La Licorne, Le Raimu and Studio 13 cinemas. The badge can also be obtained by foreign movie clubs. Some 4,000 badges are granted annually, but there are always more requests than there are badges. So they ask for “motivated” submissions.

People without badges might still get lucky, as a number of tickets are made available at the above cinemas and at the Cannes Tourist Office near the Pantiero during the festival. Note that these are for movie buffs, not gawkers. So they do not entitle holders to attend red-carpet screenings. Visit Cannes Cinema for details. Click this post for a longer explanation and details of the beach screenings.

2 comments to “Last minute: badges for attending Cannes screenings”
2 comments to “Last minute: badges for attending Cannes screenings”

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