Cannes parties: where to go in 2010

Cannes party (c) Abd Rabbo

The party scene in Cannes is a whole side-business of its own. Initially what was intended as a way of giving a film a boost has become a highly-regulated industry run by professionals from the nightlife and fashion sectors. The parties have been scaled down considerably in recent years, with events in nightclubs or on the beach replacing the more extravagant splashes in villas on the hills. Something else that has changed is access to information. Lists used to be jealously guarded, but now people like me are willing to spill the beans on websites! So where to go in 2010?


Which Cannes parties in 2010?

For the moment, the two best lists I’ve found are Germain Pire’s spreadsheet and this Facebook page. The other way to get inside information is to hook up with a good publicist. They try and shepherd their talent to the right locations and therefore receive invitations to the more high-profile parties (the Weinstein party and Naomi Campbell’s 40th birthday spring to mind).

But if you don’t have the right connections, you can often buy your way in (this is Cannes, after all). Tickets to the opening night party are being sold for prices topping €700, with events at the Eden Roc going for €2000. But people in the business are well-advised to keep an eye on the day time receptions that are held in the Palais and International Village. They are often a great way to make connections. They are far more low-key, but if you’re trying to raise financing or get distribution in Japan, you need to have your wits about you. Plus, the drinks are usually on the house! Incidentally, my tip of the day is always to stay one drink behind the person you’re talking to.

For details about the latest parties, receptions and networking events, follow me on Twitter. If you have an event you want to promote, drop a message below.

The photo of a party at the 3.14 hotel was taken by Abd Rabbo.



10 comments to “Cannes parties: where to go in 2010”
10 comments to “Cannes parties: where to go in 2010”
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  3. I am pleased I discovered your web site on bing. Thanks for the sensible critique. Me and my wife ended up just getting ready to do some research in regards to this. I am thrilled to see these kinds of excellent info currently being shared freely out there.

  4. THanks so much do you have any info on the upcoming 2012 event. Getting invitations etc?

    from Sunny Cape Town
    South Africa

  5. Hi Amira. No news yet about parties. But in general, start nurturing those contacts already! Use Cinando to check who is coming and try to connect. Remember, parties are a side industry at the Cannes Film Festival. Many of them are there purely to take your hard-earned cash. But there are loads of smaller networking events such as receptions, debates and round tables that allow you to meet professionals in an informal environment. I’m presuming that is what you want. If you just want to get off your trolley and paaaarty, that can be arranged. ;- )

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