Cannes no-go areas during the G20

Unless you have been doing some intergalactic travel recently, you’ll know that the G20 summit will be held in Cannes November 3 and 4 next. The nature of these events means that very strict security measures will be in place to protect the visiting heads of state and keep any demonstrations away from the town. In fact, one of the reasons that Cannes was chosen was the ability to effectively cordon it off.

Hotels, the Croisette and port off bounds

In practical terms, access to the town will be difficult between October 31 at midnight and Friday November 4 at 6pm at least. As you can see from the map, the inner city has been divided into two:

  • Zone 1 includes the port, Palais, hotels and Croisette, which are all closed to everyone without a badge Oct 31 (midnight) to Nov 4 at 6pm
  • Zone 2 includes the area between the railway tracks and Le Suquet. It will be closed to anyone without a badge Nov 1-4.

Extraordinary measures – such as locking manholes – have been taken, and the city will doubtless have a serious cleaning up period afterwards. It has been announced that the Schengen agreements will be suspended for the period, to try and keep organised gangs from attending (notably from Italy). Strict police controls can be expected across the region, with a strong likelihood of disturbances to train and bus schedules. There will also be heavy helicopter traffic throughout the week.

So my advice is stay away for the period if at all possible.

One comment to “Cannes no-go areas during the G20”
One comment to “Cannes no-go areas during the G20”

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