Italy is country of honour at Mapic

With the news of Italy’s problems, it’s probably ironic that it is the country of honour at the upcoming Mapic 2012. I say probably as the turmoil on the money markets will not deter businessmen from attending the major retail trade fair and planning ahead.

It must be said: Italy has a remarkable palette of companies to boast of. It intends to position itself to reap the benefits of opportunities in the east. One of the opening events will see Mario Molete Moregato, founder of Geox, receive the Personality of the Year award and talk about innovative entrepreneurship. Athmosfera, Conad Adriatico and Game 7 Sports are among the new Italian companies attending Mapic this year.

There will also be talk of expansion in southern Italy and the role of Chinese visitors.

But to make it personal, what brands spring to mind when you think of Italy? I have my selection, but I’d be interested to see which ones readers have.

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