MAPIC: all tomorrow’s shoppers

With all the turmoil in the news, it takes a brave man to make predictions. MAPIC, nonetheless, is going to attempt the impossible by trying to sketch tomorrow’s shopping habits.

Kate Ancketill, CEO of trend tracker GDR Creative Intelligence (UK), will profile emerging concepts that will revolutionize retailing tomorrow. A consultant to major international companies such as Sony, Macys, LVMH, Nike and Land Securities, Kate Ancketill researches into and anticipates new consumer trends. Heard about “longevity stores” or “genetic testing spas” yet? Ancketill underlines the importance of creativity and the influence of new technology in shaping these new brands.

Terry Green, Non-Executive Director of Qmatic AB (Sweden), will highlight the key role of new technology in tomorrow’s shops. A specialist in queue management and consumer flows in retail outlets, Green helps brands reduce the waiting times in shops, enhance customer satisfaction by giving them a relaxed in-shop experience, and thereby boosts retailer performance. Sounds basic, but then the important things often are!

International brands in Asia and Europe

In addition to market positioning, the strategy of international expansion is key to remaining competitive in an industry of intense rivalry. For the first time, a simulcast MAPIC conference session will be organized with MIPIM Asia in Hong Kong to highlight the potential of the rapidly-evolving Asian market that is opening up significant opportunities for international brands.

At MAPIC, Carmine Rotondaro, Worldwide Real Estate Director PPR Group (France) and Jacques Ehrmann, Chief Real Estate and Development Officer of Casino Group (France), will share their experience in this market with two keynotes at MIPIM Asia: David Sancho, Vice President International Expansion for Mango (Spain) and Professor Armando Branchini, Executive Director of Fondazione Altagamma (Italy), a business forum for large Italian luxury groups.

So you’ll get two sets of retail learnings in one session. For details, check the MAPIC programme

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