New flights to and from Cannes for the festival

Just in time for the Cannes Festival 2012, two low-cost airlines have opened new flights to and from Nice airport. This could interest anyone attending the festival, either directly or indirectly if they have to transfer to reach Nice airport.

EasyJet is opening seven new connections to Nice, including Lille, Naples, Venice and Barcelona. This brings the total of number of destinations to 24. Find the complete list on the EasyJet site (in French, but you get the full list. Change the language on the homepage). Prices start at about €35, but don’t expect that on the busy festival weekend.

From March 30, Belgian low-cost airline JetairFly connects Charleroi (otherwise known as Brussels South, about 45 minutes from the capital) and Paris-Vatry to Nice on Fridays and Sundays. In July and August they will add another flight on Mondays. Perfect for a short getaway or a week on the coast. You’ll find details here. There are prices from €29.99, again this goes up for the busy weekend.

If you hear of any other good money-saving deals to Cannes, why not drop a note below?

One comment to “New flights to and from Cannes for the festival”
One comment to “New flights to and from Cannes for the festival”

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