Jean-Pierre Dardenne to Preside Cinefondation and Short Films Jury

Jean-Pierre Dardenne will be at Cannes again this year, this time presiding the jury of the Cinefondation and Short Films. Last year, Belgium’s Dardenne won the Grand Prix with his brother Luc for “The Kid with a Bike”, after winning two Palmes d’Or, first in 1999 for “Rosetta” and then in 2005 for “The Child”. He also picked up the prize for best screenplay in 2008 for Lorna’s Silence.

The Cinefondation award goes to entries from film schools, and has a good track record for spotting talent. 1,500 films were submitted this year alone. The Short Film award is pretty self-explanatory.

The jury consists of of five well-known personalities from the world of cinema and literature,  Arsinée KHANJIAN (Canadian actress), Karim AÏNOUZ (Brazilian director and scriptwriter), Emmanuel CARRÈRE (French writer, scriptwriter and director) and YU Lik-wai (Chinese DOP and filmmaker).

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