Titanic sets sail for MIPTV in Cannes

The big news for MIPTV is the arrival of the first episode of the four-part drama “Titanic” that will screen at the fair on April 1, 2012. The showing, hosted by distributor ITV Studios Global Entertainment and Lookout Point, will be followed by an exclusive conversation with leading creators and cast members of Titanic, including Oscar-winning writer Julian Fellowes.

This is one red-carpet event it would be advisable not to miss. The Titanic is “celebrating” its centenary this year, which will drive huge interest. In addition, the production and cast of this version promises good television viewing. Produced by Nigel Stafford-Clark (Bleak House, Warriors) and Chris Thompson (Love Actually, The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency), the series of four one-hour episodes is scheduled for broadcast in March/April 2012, to coincide with the anniversary.

“MIPTV and MIPCOM had been hugely important to the financing of Titanic,” syas Simon Vaughan, Managing Director, Lookout Point, and Titanic Executive Producer. “Julian and I were here with ITVS GE 18 months ago talking to potential partners and co-producers, so it feels most fitting to celebrate its launch with a gala screening here in Cannes. We are extremely proud to have the chance to screen it to our friends and colleagues in this way.”

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3 comments to “Titanic sets sail for MIPTV in Cannes”
3 comments to “Titanic sets sail for MIPTV in Cannes”
  1. I can’t see how it could possibly live up to the James Cameron movie. Of course, anything would be better than ‘Titanic 2’ – that film really was a joke.

  2. still no official comnirfation of david fincher through a movie/trade website? People is respected, but it’s not really a film industry source.still no THR/variety or even IMDB main page?it’s weird fincher has not released a statement about being excited to work with angelina or something like this i’ll wait for more info for now! lol

  3. Barry, in terms of television, “Titanic” was in a land far away and long ago. 😉 So although everyone knows the end of the story, lots will still tune in. There is some serious talent involved in this. So it will probably get me in front of the screen on the first night.

    Adriana: I can’t help with that. Sorry!

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