Cannes Film Festival 2012: the big party list

Come on, I know you. you all wax lyrical about ‘le cinéma’ and Lars Von Trier, when deep down you are really asking “Where are the parties at the Cannes Film Festival 2012”?

I have an answer. The party scene in Cannes has grown to become a sideline entertainment of its own. I’ve often sat and wondered how many of the bikini-clad girls and hunky guys at Niki Beach have even a passing relation with the movie-making business.

Whatever, they are part of the scene, and if you want in, here are links to lists of the events in Cannes in 2012.

Where to party in 2012?

Two good Cannes lists I’ve found are Germain Pire’s spreadsheet and this Facebook page.

Another way to get inside information is to hook up with a good publicist. They try and shepherd their talent to the right events and therefore receive invitations to the most high-profile parties. The people at the Film Portal network have several events planned. The easiest and best way to get info is to run along to the Caffé Roma at 11am for their morning Meet & Greet. You’ll find tips for events and hopefully a kind soul with an invitation or the phone number of someone that can help.

If you don’t have the right connections, you might have to buy your way in (this is Cannes, after all). Tickets to the opening night party are being sold for prices topping €700, with events at the Eden Roc going way beyond that. If you are in Cannes for movie business (remember that?) keep an eye on the receptions that are held in the Palais, International Village and Pantiero during the day. They are often a great way to network and make useful connections. They are far more low-key than the evening events, but if you’re trying to raise financing or get distribution in Japan, you need to have your wits about you. Plus, the drinks are usually on the house!

For details about the latest parties, receptions and networking events, follow me on Twitter. If you have an event you want to promote, drop a message below.

One comment to “Cannes Film Festival 2012: the big party list”
One comment to “Cannes Film Festival 2012: the big party list”

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