Countdown to the Antibes Jazz festival

Jazz à Juan, better known worldwide as the Antibes jazz festival, will kick off July 12-25, 2012. This is one of Europe’s grand old festivals, this year celebrating 52 years of blue notes. The festival consistently hosts the best of American and French jazz. A quick look at the headliners throws up up a long list of must-see shows.

Who would want to miss Norah Jones (the daughter of Ravi Shankar), the veteran Jazz Crusaders, master showman and jazzman par excellence Bobby McFerrin, the no less excellent Sonny Rollins (photo), Keith Jarrett – Wayne Shorter – Jack DeJohnette (all of whom have played here several times together and in other projects) and crowd-pleasers Chic and Kool & The Gang (OK, not jazz, but everyone is entitled to let their hair down occasionally)?

This is obviously the finest classic jazz. Although Jazz à Juan also features a special night for upcoming talent, it is not known as a place to break new talent on the scene. There are, nonetheless, lots of lesser-known bands playing in and around the festival. But people come for the names and the location – at get both.

For details visit Jazz à Juan.

Jazz by sunset

The festival owes a lot of its magic to the location in historic Juan-les-Pins. The balmy summer atmosphere and quality jazz is heightened by spectacular sunsets across the bay. Numerous people make this an annual visit, enjoying the south of France by day and the world of jazz at night.


And just for the fun of it, here’s a mash-up of McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry’ with MrAz’s “I’m Yours” and “Somwhere Over the Rainbow” courtesy of DJ Dain. Nice!


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