Make big savings on MIPCOM 2012 rates

The summer holidays are almost here. But I’d feel bad if I didn’t remind you of one more way to save money before taking off. The next big media fair in Cannes is MIPJUNIOR & MIPCOM, October 6-11 (if you go for both). If you’re not sure what they are, take a moment to find out here and here. They are the most important TV and content events of their kind, focusing largely on TV and youth content respectively.

The early bird rate for MIPCOM is EUR 965 (instead of EUR 1,390) if you sign up by July 12 2012. Cool.

But I’ve got an even better deal: if you qualify for attending as part of the EU’s MEDIA programme, you pay only EUR625 – that’s more than 50% off the walk-in rate! Check here

US, South American and Asian companies will not be eligible, unless they have a company in Europe. Sorry! But you should check if your local export board or media industry body will have a collective stand. They might match these prices.

The only downside of the MEDIA rate is that places are limited. If you sign up to the Cannes or Bust newsletter, you receive notifications such as this before they are published here, giving you  a head start on the savings. Quick sign up here.


One comment to “Make big savings on MIPCOM 2012 rates”
One comment to “Make big savings on MIPCOM 2012 rates”

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