India to be guest country at Cannes 2013

After years of attending, India is finally getting recognition at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival 2013 by being the official ‘guest country’. The Festival chose to announce the news at the  43rd International Film Festival of India (IFFI) and Film Bazaar 2012 held in Goa. So in 2013, a large delegation from the Indian film industry will be in Cannes to celebrate the one hundred years since the birth of cinema in India.

Third guest country

India  will be the third ‘guest country’ at the Cannes Film festival, following Egypt in 2011 and Brazil this year. For years, it has been sending exciting films and glamorous actresses, inevitably leading to the question when an Indian film will receive a major prize. 2013 will not necessarily change that, as the films will still have to compete with the world’s best movies.

In an announcement, the Festival said it was, “delighted to celebrate one of the most important countries in the world of cinema, a country with a prestigious history and tradition, one whose current day and creative impulses are a perennial example of vitality”.

The Festival de Cannes will be taking place from May 15th to 26th, 2013. Follow our RSS feed or Twitter account for details of the celebrations.

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