Break the Floor: don’t miss it

Although Cannes is – and will most likely always be – the city of movies, it nonetheless hosts a number of other major events. One of these, Break the Floor, has become a major date on the breakdance or B-Boy scene. What started as a competition for dancing crews from the south of France in 2007 has now become a major international meeting.

Breakdance international

The next edition, on February 9 2013 at the Pales des festivals, will see contestants from France, Belgium, Russia, the US (the B-Boy World Team, last year’s winners) and South Korea. Each are the very best in their country, and the result is one of the most spectacular dance events in France.

Break the Floor showcases a particular style each year, and 2013 will be no exception.

2010: homage to Michael Jackson
2011: e-volve (Bboy’ing + contortions, danced on rock music)
2012: hip-hop new-style (dancing standing up, the ultimate “funk style”)
2013: tricking (resembles a cross of kung-fu wushu and acrobatic gymnastics)

Break the Floor also has a tradition of excellent photography. The shot of the flying B-Boys used here is by Domshine aka Homardpayette

Official trailer 2009 : Homardpayette – Street dance / breakdance photos from Homardpayette on Vimeo.



Break the Floor
Palais des Festivals, Cannes
Saturday, February 9, 2013 from 8pm.

Break the Floor Facebook page

2 comments to “Break the Floor: don’t miss it”
2 comments to “Break the Floor: don’t miss it”
  1. Espero que venha para meu estado tambem este campeonato um dia porque isto daria novas oportunidades para os novos bboys poderem ter conhecimento do movimento em todo canto do brasil sou BBoy Sitineta da RSD Crew Aracaju-Se.

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