MIDEM tips 2013

Great music is the root of Midem. Without it, the mountains of A&R, revenue streams, fan engagement and white papers would fall flat. But it is so easy to miss some of the great music that can be found at Midem every year.

This is an ongoing list of the some of the music I come across. Add to it – but be selective!.

C2C - Happy Feat. Derek Martin (official video) by C2Cofficial

C2C are a phenomenal set of French DJs that are appearing at the Midem festival. If you think you know what DJs do, think again!

Yes Sir Boss - Not Guilty (Official Video) par emmspublicity

Yes Sir Boss follow the Continental trend of mixing rock with jazz and Balkan influences. This is not thier best track but gives an idea of where they are headed. Fun live.

Unsung Lilly are an impossibly bright UK band based around two vocalists. “Happy” is the new single.

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