Last minute: submissions for the Pan-African film festival in Cannes

The 10th Annual International Pan-African Film Festival of Cannes France (Festival International du Film PanAfricain de Cannes) will be held April, 17 to 21th, 2013. Over the years, it has become a key date in the African film calendar, showcasing movies from across Africa and the African diaspora.

Cannes or Bust is proud to be one of the festival’s sponsors this year.

Given that pan-African film includes cinema as diverse as that of South Africa, Morocco and co-productions from France, Canada and the US, the palette is very wide. A highlight last year was the documentary on Bob Marley, along with movies from guinea, the UK, the US, Madagascar and elsewhere. Best film award went to “Rumeur des Pierres” by Venezuela’s Alejandro Bellame Palacios.

The Pan-African Film Festival is also a festive occasion, as a number of concerts, fashions, workshops and a gala are organised each time.

On a side-note, there have been several voices raised wondering why more African films are not featured during the Cannes Film Festival. So this event is a welcome initiative.

Applications for the festival

Although it is late, there is still time to submit a film the event as the deadline has been extended to March 5 2012.

Cannes or Bust has covered the event in previous years.

More info about the Pan-African Film Festival

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