Viewster adds 750 hours of VOD material

VOD continues to provide a source of new business in the content industry. Following this year’s MIPCOM, Viewster, has announced that it has added a slate of new programming for its viewers in the United States following a licensing agreement with international distributor FremantleMedia. Viewster’s US audience will now have access to over 110 hours from six different BBC series-including popular and acclaimed shows such as Merlin (photo), That Mitchell and Webb Look, and Pulling-as well as Australian series Satisfaction.

TV series popular in VOD

“We’ve found that television series are increasingly becoming our most popular offering,” said Kai Henniges, CEO of Viewster. “This is especially true of series from across the globe that aren’t as easily accessible free and on demand. Our acquisition of content from FremantleMedia bolsters our library significantly.”

As part of the FremantleMedia agreement, Viewster’s audience will have full access to the complete run of That Mitchell and Webb Look, the popular, BAFTA-winning follow-up to Peep Show from creators David Mitchell and Robert Webb. The first two seasons of both the BBC’s popular Merlin and the critically acclaimed Pulling (2007 BAFTA nominee) will also be available. Additionally, British comedy Clone and Australian drama Satisfaction can now be seen on Viewster.

“The American on-demand viewer has an insatiable appetite for British series, and the content now available to us from FremantleMedia will help us satisfy that segment of our audience, while also hopefully helping to build it,” added Henniges of Viewster.

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