3 ways to save money at MIPTV 2015

Best value options for attending MIPTV in 2015

MIPTV CONFERENCES - AMY POEHLERJust a quickie, as MIPTV is coming up on the horizon (April 13-16 2015). For those that are wondering, MIPTV is one of two events that are largely based on TV and audiovisual content (the other is MIPCOM). TV is still a hugely successful industry that is adapting well to the digital age. End of speech.

The three ways to get into MIPTV for less are:

  • The early-bird rate of EUR940 instead of EUR1,280. The deadline is January 21. If you’re sold on that idea already, go straight here;
  • Attending with the Creative Europe MEDIA umbrella stand for EUR690 – a saving of over €500 on the walk-in rate. That extra money can pay for your flight in many cases. You obviously have to meet their criteria, in terms of being a bona fide European company. They also have shared mini-stands for EUR1,000. Think this might be for you?
  • Lastly, MIPTV has a fascinating sidebar called MIPLab. It acts as a showcase for young companies (less than 5 years old) with innovative products or services to offer the TV ecosystem. Nominees can attend MIPTV for free, with the winner getting free access next year as well. Check previous winners to see what it is all about and register.

Saving up to €500 makes MIPTV a far more manageable prospect. There are still hotels and studios available in Cannes for that price.

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