Cannes Starter Guide: special offer

The guide for Cannes first-timers

Everything you need to know for Cannes 2015 at a special price!

To get the best business tips and save money while at Cannes, you really have to check the Cannes Starter Guide. Do it quickly and you will benefit even more.

Between now and Saturday March 24 2015, the guide will be on a countdown sale starting at $1.99 (or the equivalent and edging) back to $4.99 by the end of the week.

The Guide has all the stuff you would expect – where to stay in Cannes, how to get from the airport – but is also full of ideas for getting the right sorts of appointments and how to manage face-to-face business pitches. Everything you need to give your project or business a boost.

Check it now on Amazon UK or Amazon US (unfortunately, I can’t offer countdown deals on the other sites – sorry).


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