Placing music in film: the pro tips

tips for getting music into TV, games and movies

Everyone in the new music industry is angling to get their music into movies, TV and games. But how do you find the right music supervisor – and how do you approach them?

Midem 2015 invited an industry panel to debate the current trends in music supervision. Over an hour, the panel cover a huge range of topics from approaching supervisors, to naming files, to numerous legal issues to how much of a track they listen to (not much is the answer).

The music supervisors and creatives debate how they work together and how they rely on each other over periods of time. The video features solutions, tips and advice for getting into movies, TV and games that will help you approach the business more successfully.

The Midem 2015 speakers are:

Kyle Hopkins, Head of Music Supervision, Microsoft (USA)
Alexandre Mahout, Head of Music & Publishing, EuropaCorp (France)
Rachel Wood, Owner & Creative Director, Woodwork Music (UK)

The moderator:
Jessica Ibgui, A&R/Creative Manager, Buddemusic (France)

2 comments to “Placing music in film: the pro tips”
2 comments to “Placing music in film: the pro tips”

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