Wi-Fi and mobile phones in Cannes

If you’re headed for Cannes for the festival, one of the most important questions is: will my phone work at Cannes (and almost as important, how much will I pay?). The answer to that, of course, depends on your phone and your provider. Best to check with your provider who their “roaming” partner is and then check their coverage in France here. Three types of phones work in France: GSM 900, GSM 1800 and 3G 2100. If your phones doesn’t work to these standards, you can rent one either at the airport or in town.

How much will I pay for calls in Cannes? Well, although the European Commission has been chastising mobile phone operators for excessive roaming charges, the prices have not yet come down. A rule of thumb: if you live in any of the neighbouring countries and/or are staying for up to three days, better to stick with your own mobile number and bear the costs. If you’re from further abroad, are staying longer or are organising anything that requires a lot of phone calls, it might be best to pick up a local number. You can buy phone cards anywhere in Cannes, although Rue d’Antibes is probably the most likely place.

For Wi-Fi freaks, I’ve included a list of hotspots here. Note that not all of them are free. Boingo is the main provider.

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