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MAPIC: leading retail real estate market

MAPIC is the leading market for the international retail real estate industries. It attracts all the key players worldwide, creating a unique community in one place at one time. MAPIC offers a prime platform for companies to showcase new concepts and developments, discover new trends and increase their activity into the international arena.

The event also features awards, such as:

  • Retail success story
  • Best concept
  • Best developer
  • Best shopping centre
  • Best agent/consultant
  • Best sustainable retail development
  • Best urban regeneration initiative, co-presented by the AMCV

MAPIC 2021: back to real estate meetings

The year-long Covid crisis has obviously had a huge impact of the global property industries. On the one hand, property prices are actually rising in many countries. On the other, retail property has been negatively affected by the huge drop in bricks and mortal retail.

For many people – and therefore for MAPIC itself – 2022 will be a time to re-set the business. How are companies adapting to the new normal? What conclusions can we come to about the new consumer? How will the places where people meet, eat and socialize change over the coming years? What is driving those changes?

MAPIC 2021 will build its conferences around two themes, “People and Places” and “A New Chapter”. The industry has to encompass human, face-to-face interaction, emotions, new business models, innovation and the increasing role of social media networks and virtual communications. At the same time, it must provide the best physical experiences locally, in cities and regions. But what are the implications moving forward?

MAPIC will walk through these subjects in conferences that will discuss the new deal for restaurants, the impact on logistics and how cities are re-organizing. Spotlights will also be thrown on Italian retail and leisure operators.

MAPIC in Cannes and online throughout the year

Following the experience last year, MAPIC 2021 will not only feature a live event in Cannes, it will also be accompanied by a series of online events from May 2021 onwards. Al details can be found on their site (below).

MAPIC 2021 will be held 30 November – 2 December 2021. Visit the MAPIC website.

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One comment to “MAPIC”
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