Break the Floor

Break the FloorWhen you think about Cannes, breakdance is perhaps not top of the things you expect to experience. Not only does it exist, breakdance and hip-hop flourish.

Let’s hear it for Break the Floor

Remember when rappers used to say “Put your hands in the air”? The break dancers of Break the Floor throw everything in the air.

Some of the world’s best hip-hop dancers challenge each other in gravity-defying moves that push the limits of the human body to seemingly-impossible levels.

The 4×4 battles and stunning choreographies bring together crews from the USA, Japan, South Korea, France (naturally) and the Netherlands.

Bringing breakdance to Cannes

The 2023 edition will take place at the Palais on January 29, from 5pm.

The organising team also put together workshops and demonstrations to coincide with the event. Also, look out for the dancers as they often make spontaneous appearances on the Croisette and elsewhere.

More info: ring 04 92 99 33 96 or visit Break the Floor.

UPDATE: a smaller version of Break The Floor sometimes take place in Cannes. Details on their Facebook page (in French).

If you visit Cannes for the Film Festival, you might also run across impressive breakdance teams along the Croisette.

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