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About Cannes or Bust

Cannes-or-Bust is edited and written by Michael Leahy, a Cannes veteran with extensive experience in media and entertainment issues. He has been attending Cannes events – including the Cannes Film festival – for over 20 years. He provided marketing services for MIPCOM, MIPTV and Barco projectors (now known as Cinionic) and is also the author of the Cannes Starter Guide for people attending Cannes events for the first time.

Above all, enjoy and benefit from the many opportunities the city and markets offer! Maybe we can hook up down there.

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If you have relevant information or tips about visiting or doing business in Cannes, send a short e-mail and/or press release to the address below.

What constitutes news?

Inside tips about the markets, new services, updated travel news or things that are out of the ordinary. Ads do not count as news! The availability of apartments or yachts is not news unless it is really exceptional. Market results and trends most certainly do count as news.

Apart from that, feel free to comment on any article and point out inaccuracies. Most people use this site for practical reasons. So we try and keep it up to date to reflect the reality of visiting and doing business in this unusual little town!

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5 comments to “Contact”
5 comments to “Contact”
  1. Hi.

    Thanks for the compliment! I try to make it useful for visitors.

    A director is not a bad idea, but would require a lot of work on my part. I’ll “park” the idea and think about it later. 😉


  2. Hi Michael,

    Best wishes of success again for 2018 for your magazine !
    Well informed as usually and a great help for congress people.

    If they need more “local & business assistance” they can always contact me I am working on FEES with a National Group of Consultants & services.

    As you know I am 5 generations from Cannes and have my local office on permanent bases.

    Keep going !
    Best regards,
    Marie-Thérèse and Paulus Potters composer – songwriter & international jazz pianist.

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