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IMPORTANT UPDATE: the new Midem (or MID3M if you have the patience to type that) is returning to the January slot in 2024. Follow Cannes or Bust on Twitter for news as it breaks.

The Midem music biz fair is the world’s foremost event of its kind. It has been held annually at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes since 1967, with the exception of an online edition in 2020. It provides a forum for discussing business and legal issues, and showcasing new artists, musical trends and music-related products. Most of all, it’s where the business comes to build contacts and do deals.

Although major music labels and other corporate actors are present at MIDEM, it has become the place for producers and mid-sized labels do business. Many of the conferences, workshops and keynotes revolve around helping the indies negotiate a very difficult international market that nonetheless still has potential.

Before it folded and was later ressurected by the city of Cannes, MIDEM was attended by between 5-6,000 delegates from several thousand companies and hundreds of journalists, from around 75 countries. Although attendees come from all over the world, those from Western Europe (67%) and North America (22%) clearly dominate.

After being taken over by the city of Cannes and several partners, the next MIDEM will take place from January 24-27, 2024, at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, Cannes, France. It will feature a smaller roster of business events, workshops and concerts around the city of Cannes.

Check Midem.com for details.

Who should attend MIDEM?

Note: This is based on the previous editions of Midem. The core attraction of MIDEM is that it brings together just about every sector of the music and content businesses. Most are obviously from recorded music, represented by labels and distributors. But it also features a music publishers’ summit and conferences covering live music, music and brands, management, publishing, A&R and a very strong section covering the digital sphere. In addition to launching many musical careers, MIDEM has launched many innovative service companies and entrepreneurs such as SoundCloud and Spotify. The big deals are often born here (although not necessarily signed on the spot).

Midem guidebook
See what actually happens at Midem, with contact info for selected participants, for under $3.50.

So just about every sector involved in music will find ideas and partners. However, it remains an investment in terms of time and money (remember to follow Cannes or Bust’s advice).

There is no better place to get an idea of what will happen in the markets over the coming year or so. Unless you can reduce costs by booking early and staying locally, it is not recommended for bands or artists at the start of their career. To make the best use of MIDEM, it is advisable to already have some traction, such as regular gigs and releases, or for businesses, very clear ideas and the resources to follow through on them. Typically, MIDEM can bring you access to the largest players in each country.

Music biz news

Cannes-or-Bust regularly features inside news. Check all the MIDEM-related news. Or check the MIDEM website. Have a MIDEM-related site? Drop a note and we could exchange links.

For the latest Midem news as it breaks, best to follow Cannes or Bust on Twitter.

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16 comments to “Midem”
16 comments to “Midem”
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