One comment to “Who owns what when it comes to innovation?”
One comment to “Who owns what when it comes to innovation?”
  1. Excellent article. Excellent questions. As the traditional communications business model shatters and atomises, new molecular structures are taking shape to fill the client-agency relationship vacuum. Where does a client’s business begin and where does the agencies role end? New technologies have sandblasted away the old paradigm of ‘gatekeepers’, where the brand, product and services narrative was strictly controlled by an elite, segregated few. Everybody is now a co-creator of a business entity: there is no longer a distinction between company employes, 3rd party communications specialists, customers and consumers.There is no marketing one-way traffic systems anymore – more a spaghetti junction of interdependent relationships. New technologies have also dissolved the notion of barriers between a brand image, product innovation and sundry follow up services – it is all now one homogeneous blob. The problem is, the soft science of business relationships and expectations; who owns what, and how and who gets rewarded for services rendered, have not kept pace with this unprecedented metamorphosis in the hardware domain. Traditional client/agency relationships were based on an ‘old boy network’ where trust was allowed to build based on mutual understanding of each other’s responsibility in a simplistic marketing model – strategy (USP, Single-Minded Proposition) creative (TV, Print, Outdoor, Radio), media buy ( 5 or 6 channels). Everyone knew were they stood, and more importantly, everybody knew how everyone was to be financially rewarded in this linear arrangement.

    Today nothing is linear – ‘marketing’ resembles a ball of string where business relationships can unravel because trust is dependent of clearly defined beginnings and endings. The emerging digital culture will be mishmash of undulating, constantly changing, amorphous technologies that marketing must embrace – but formulating ‘fixed’ financial contracts in this business environment, will be as easy as nailing jelly to the wall.
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