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  1. I agree with Martin. Forget the agencies – how do you think they afford the rent of glass front offices on the Croisette??!

    I hear a new company called Chez Corniche is the one to use. They’ve been recommended many times through different contacts now. Apparently their rates vs quality on apartments and the on site service are exceptional, without the fine print charges or tedious, broken English communication you get with most agencies and direct owners online.

    The suggestions on apartments they sent us the last weeks look fantastic and their team has been great. After 7 years of organizing the Cannes trips for our chaps I am ready to be impressed by them. We’ll definitely give them a shot for MIPCOM this year…

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  4. Hi,

    We go to Cannes for MIPCOM and use an agency that specializes in Congress Rentals, Born To Host (www.borntohost.net) we have also recommended them to our friends who go to the Lions Festival and they too have been very happy with the service and quality locations.
    The entire team speaks fluent English and provide excellent service along with their well located apartments… Enjoy Cannes !!

  5. Some good advice especially about the 200 bus, many people are unaware how busy the bus gets! Also, to be wary of French public holidays as public transport schedules reduce – I remember this past year there were a few dates that coincided with a handful of events and people staying outside of Cannes were caught out with trains not running as frequently.
    A friends colleagues usually attend Cannes Lions yearly and they always rave about superb service from Bespoke Yacht Charter as they always combine a yacht stay with presentation lunches on board so it saves arranging more elements of their visit all over town.
    The Marjolaine in Juan les Pins is a great little place as is Les Strelitzias though the best rooms (and less noisier ones) we’ve found are located at the back of the hotel. Also, we stayed at La Villa which was a pleasant place and the owner is also a co-proprietor of a champagne business too which is also useful after a long day of meetings!

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