MIPIM: More work, less sunbathing according to FT

Lower attendance at MIPIM but market stands strong

In confirmation of the trend at Midem last January, the Financial Times notes that despite the lower attendance, participants at Mipim 2009 were globally satisfied. “Whether attendees were down 10,000 or 20,000 is irrelevant, as the fewer that went were there to work, rather than drink and sunbathe”, it noted.

Specifically, the market was taking courage from the fact that German banks have started lending again – at high rates and very selectively – but money is circulating. Companies benefiting from stronger currencies were in a good position to avail of the new opportunities, such as London’s City district.

Annual property market in Cannes

MIPIM (Le marché international des professionnels de l’immobilier) is the international property event hosted every year in Cannes each March. Organised by Reed MIDEM, it features an exhibition area, networking events and high-level conference sessions over a period of 4 days.

The event facilitates business between investors, corporate end-users, local authorities, hospitality professionals, industrial and logistics players and other real estate professionals.

By way of example, MIPIM 2014 was attended by 21,000 individuals with 2,225 exhibitors from 93 countries.

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