Getting to Cannes for free

Yes, everything is possible at Cannes, even getting there for free. If you enjoy contests, the good news is that Cannes is often used as a prize. Villas with pools, red carpet premieres, exclusive receptions, beach-side parties; I don’t want to rub it in, but people do actually give all these things away for free. This year again, a number of companies will be throwing trips away.

One of the most fun ones is definitely Stella Artois, sponsors of the Cannes Film festival. They are running a campaign to find the heir to Jacques d’Azur, who had a weekend booked but is AWOL. The campaign is great fun. Start on Stella Artois.

Featured on our Twitter account recently was ad company OgilvyOne’s drive to find the world’s best salesman or woman. Check the video and details on OgilvyOne.

Chivas Regal is organising a contest. Unfortunately, I can’t find the direct link. See if you have better luck here.

UPDATE: Cannes Lions is organising a competition for young creatives called the Future Lions. They want yo to advertise a product in  way that could not have been possible 5 years ago. Sounds like a cool challenge.

I’ll post more competitions as I come across them on the Twitter account and here. The best idea is probably to follow the Twitter account. If you come across any, let us know.

13 comments to “Getting to Cannes for free”
13 comments to “Getting to Cannes for free”
  1. Another compeititon for Cannes Lions 2010. Logitech is teaming up with MOFILM to enlist aspiring filmmakers to create a 60 second video which captures the spirit of their HD webcams. The winning video may be featured across digital marketing for Logitech webcams.

    They say, “We encourage you to make it human and approachable, engaging and empowering. Focus on the connections that are possible via HD webcams, how video affects people’s lives, and how HD makes for a better experience.”

    Grand Prize winner will receive:

    Once in a lifetime trip to experience the 2010 Cannes Lions Festival:

    * Round trip airfare for two (2) to Cannes and 3 nights / 4 days hotel accommodation
    * Exclusive screening event of your video at the MOFILM awards night in Cannes
    * Screening passes and after-party access
    * VIP Access to all events in the exclusive Debussy Theatre

    Details here:

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  3. Advertising Age Cannes competitionAdvertising Age is running a competition. Prize: a visit to Cannes for the Cannes Lions. The brief: “Design a cover for Ad Age’s Global issue. While this does mean creating a cover for the print edition of the publication, your design idea does not have to be limited to the printed page. Digital ideas that bring Ad Age to life on and off the page are welcome.

    Some notes about the Global issue: As its name suggests, the issue is focused on the global advertising and marketing scene. Generally, Ad Age covers the full range of marketing topics- the magazine and site provide leading edge info and analysis on how brands connect with consumers. All industry constituents are represented: marketing people (brand managers, CMOs, CEOs), agency execs (CEOs), agency creatives, media companies (media sellers as well as media strategists and buyers), technology suppliers and others.

    The global issue will provide a comprehensive look at the most interesting and innovative initiatives, people and companies from the marketing world beyond the U.S. and will examine how global marketers are creating messages, experiences and products to connect with people from around the world.”

    It’s an extraordinarily open (ie, difficult) brief. Get all the details at Advertising Age. Deadline: May 7, 2010.

  4. UK students might want to check out Nokia MinoMo, a contest that will send two people to the Cannes Lions with some pocket money. The idea is to make a movie with a Nokia phone and, well, that seems to be about it! There are a few rules, but not many.


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